Work hard - play hard

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Work hard - play hard

Work hard - play hard
You've probably heard this phrase to justify some partying on your weekend after a long period of work. There are several good reasons why you might choose this phrase as the epitome of your lifestyle

There are some studies among students that show that those who were serious about their academic activities - could also find time to have a great time off. Such students were very successful in their activities and made a serious effort to develop academically and have a great time afterwards.

When you concentrate on your work-you can have a great time off. During your time off, you don't have to worry about putting in little effort. You have time to do the things you really enjoy. Here's how you can implement that in your life:

Start the day early

If your kids finish school after four in the afternoon and you don't get off work until six, that doesn't mean you don't have enough time to spend with your kids. If you don't have kids, you're limiting the time you spend on your hobbies or other activities that help take your mind off work. The easiest solution to this problem is simply to start the day a little earlier.

It's not easy for everyone to wake up early, but the benefits of waking up early become apparent when you just try it. For those who work remotely, it will give you extra time to get all your activities done for the day. For those who commute to work - you'll have more time for exercise and a good breakfast. After that, you can go to work with the right amount of energy.

Of course, a successful morning always depends on how you spend your night. It's hard to expect to wake up light and alert if you're used to staying up all night. Use a calendar to help you balance your night and day schedule. Make sure you get enough sleep and develop a special schedule for yourself that is most comfortable.

Working at work

More and more people work remotely, making it hard to leave work at work. On the other hand, working from home makes you much more distracted than if you worked in an office. It is important to find a certain balance, and to be able to switch between work and rest if possible.

If you haven't already done so, try to meet deadlines. Set yourself a certain goal - for example, get the report done by two o'clock in the afternoon. This will help you get less distracted, and put more effort into finishing it on time. You can spend the last hours of your work completing work that was intended for tomorrow. In this way, you create your own time to rest. This approach is great for both office workers and those who work from home.

By setting deadlines, you protect yourself from putting off important tasks, and you won't have to finish them after hours. You don't have to grab your laptop during your date or check your work email during your son's basketball game.

Take the right breaks

Working hard doesn't mean you have to give up your breaks. In fact, it's more the opposite. Scheduled breaks allow your body and mind to rest, recover, and remain effective throughout the workday.

The hardest part is not letting breaks get out of hand. It can take a long time to regain concentration, so breaks can last longer than you originally intended. Distractions can appear at the most unexpected moment, and as your vigilance slips, you are quite susceptible to them.

There is nothing wrong with going on social media during your break. Just be careful about controlling the situation so that you don't have a situation where you only realize an hour later that you're not doing anything. Plan your breaks ahead of time so that you know when you have a chance to finish your work.

More organization

You will lose too much time and efficiency if your workplace and processes are not properly organized. The 10 minutes you spend searching for the right document or picking a password will slow you down. These small irregularities seriously spoil your balance, make you nervous and provoke unnecessary waste of time.

Start by organizing your time properly. Certainly a calendar is a great way out in this situation. You won't know that anything has changed in your plans and tasks for the day if you get it right from the start. Of course, there are force majeure events, but no calendar can do without it.

Sort out your workplace. Perhaps your methods of storing important documents are outdated and you need to think about something more convenient? You don't have to rely on your memory, it can let anyone down. Try to store everything on your computer, and find interesting solutions that will save you time.

Find your own reason and motivation

What motivates you to start your work each day? Do you want to provide for your family and friends? Are you trying to add to your resume and improve your portfolio to end up with the job you've always dreamed of having? Whatever your reasons are, grab hold of them and use them as your guiding star that will give you extra strength in your hard work.

For many, the opportunity to rest at the end of the week is a great motivator. However, this kind of motivation doesn't always work if you only focus on how you will spend your weekend. Thus, you will just wait for Friday so that you can finish your work as soon as possible.

Find a more effective "why. And then you will be able to enjoy your vacation more than people who only wait for it. You will be sure that you have squeezed the maximum out of yourself, and you will not have any feelings of guilt for your unrealized potential. 

Your vacation and work should not take time away from each other. Use a calendar to properly organize your time and find a balance between these things. Work should be done and weekends should be well spent.

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