7 Tips for New College Students

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7 Tips for New College Students

7 Tips for New College Students
Starting at a new college or university is scary for everyone, and it is completely normal to feel nervous. However, you should not feel terrified whether you are starting college for the first time or transferring into a new school. College is supposed to be a fun experience that will benefit you for the rest of your life, and it will be as long as you go in with the right attitude. Below, I have listed seven tips that will help any student beat that new school anxiety.

Explore the campus on your own

Orientation and guided campus tours are definitely helpful, but sometimes those kinds of tours do not allow you to truly get a feel for the campus. Personally, I tend to just follow the crowd with these kinds of tours and completely forget how to get anywhere. Instead, you should acquire some kind of campus map and tour the campus on your own. The internet is a great place to find maps of college campuses, and some universities even have their own apps. If you still get lost, ask another student or faculty member for directions. Everyone has to learn the campus at some point, so no one will judge you for asking questions.

Learn about different clubs and organizations

Getting involved in college is not only fun, but it also makes you well-rounded. Whether you have a passion for mathematics or socializing is your thing, there will most likely be something for you. Do not be shy. Get out there and go to club events and email organizations that interest you. Just be careful to not put too much on your plate. College is about balance.

Be yourself

In college, it can be hard not to lose who you are. Stick to your own morals and values, and do not give into peer pressure. Be confident. Confidence is key to a lot of things, especially first impressions.

Go to class

In college, you are responsible for your attendance. Some professors do not count absences, but that does not mean that they will not discuss important information in class. Going to class will boost your grades, and it will give you time to meet other peers. Establishing good relationships with other students and your professors will help you in the long run. Do not waste your money and time by skipping your classes. You will regret it.


Find a quiet place with no distractions. The library is a great place because you are surrounded by others who are studying, so you will feel obligated to study, as well. Do not goof off and play on your phone. Cut it off if you need to. Plan out a certain amount of time to study, and then take a break. Actually learning what you are majoring in is crucial for your success in the future.
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