10 universities with the richest alumni

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10 universities with the richest alumni

10 universities with the richest alumni

There's a close relationship between higher education and wealth, but some universities can ask their alumni for a bigger donation, based on the size of their personal fortunes.

WealthInsight and Spear's gathered data on millionaires around the world to uncover where they earned a college degree and what fields they studied.

Eight of the 10 universities with the highest number of rich alumni are based in the U.S. Universities in the U.S. account for 62 of the top 100.

The field producing the highest number of millionaires is engineering, though most of the engineering grads made money as entrepreneurs.

Read on to see where the super-rich earned their sheepskin.

1: Harvard University

The venerable Boston institution, the oldest university in the country, claims President Barack Obama and former President John F. Kennedy among its graduates. Famous dropouts include billionaires Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.

2: Harvard Business School

Michael Bloomberg, former New York City mayor and founder of Bloomberg LP, earned a degree here, as did David Rockefeller, who went on to become the CEO of Chase Manhattan Bank.

3: Stanford University

The founders of Internet search site Google -- Sergey Brin and Larry Page -- are alums of Stanford, as is actress Sigourney Weaver.

4: University of California

Former chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court Earl Warren and Tom Anderson, co-founder of Myspace, are among the notable graduates of the Berkeley, Calif., campus.

5: Columbia University

Hollywood producer David O. Selznick and fashion designer Mary McFadden graduated from this prestigious New York City university.

6: University of Oxford

Many noted politicians, including 26 British prime ministers, graduated from this esteemed British institution. King Abdullah II of Jordan earned a degree here, as did 50 Nobel Prize winners.

7: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT-educated astronauts have been included in more than a third of the nation's space flights, including Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Catherine Coleman. Alfred Sloan, former chairman of General Motors, earned his degree here in 1895.

8: New York University

Actor and director Woody Allen graduated from NYU, as did actor Billy Crystal and fashion designer Tom Ford.

9: University of Cambridge

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking earned a degree at this venerable British university, as did journalist and entrepreneur Arianna Huffington.

10: University of Pennsylvania

One of the most famous billionaires in the world, Warren Buffett, is an alum of this university (he was rejected by Harvard Business School), as is Ronald Perelman, who donated $25 million to his alma mater.
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